The IoT fleet management solution for the commercial trucking industry

Built on Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite and Office 365

Realtime Operational Visibility

We provide a fully integrated end to end telematics and fleet management solution for small, medium and enterprise commercial trucking companies. Our solution is built on our partners networks and systems.


Our mission is to provide you with a 365 end to end operational control and view of your fleets.

IoT Device for ELD and HOS

Full Windows 10 onboard computer with 4G LTE connectivity to Azure IoT Hub...

Windows 10 Tablet based ELD system that is DOT compliant and provides turn by turn GPS navigation to drivers. 


Real Time Remote Monitoring


You no longer need to wait on alarms to know what's going on with your trucks on the road. Integrated with Microsoft's IoT Central, we allow you to see in real time how each truck in your fleet is performing from engine to trailer.


Fleet Management System


Comprehensive cloud based fleet management solution providing enterprise grade features no matter your fleet and/or operational size.




Business Intelligence

Real time view of key performance indicators of your fleet operations. Immediate knowledge of not only where is each truck, but what is each truck doing at any given time and how does a truck contribute to profitabiliity.

With Microsoft's Business Intelligence (BI) tools we transform your company's data to support informed decision making. We allow you to gain deeper insights into your trucking operations data to stay in the know and spot trends as they happen. 

Document Management

One centralized system for documentation. CrewAccount document management handles documents for ELD, HOS, DVIRs uploaded from drivers. Documents include photos of delivery receipts, bills of lading, fuel receipts, and more using just the camera on the Windows 10 Tablet supplied with the CrewAccount solution. Photos, notes, and relevant data are instantly uploaded to the CrewAccount Dashboard.

CrewAccount combines the best in electronic proof of delivery and telematics technology through integration and innovation that is critical to helping you provide cost-effective delivery and billing services

Trailer Tracking

The CrewAccount onboard IoT device provides full compute server power and connectivity to allow trailer monitoring using bluetooth & WiFi connectivity to onboard sensors retrofited to trailers. Whether you are monitoring freezer, van, chemical, hazardous, flatbeds and other types of trailers, the CrewAcount solution with our Microsoft IoT Hub gives you the scalability you need for all your remote condition monitoring needs


Why People Choose Us

We develop and deployed the industry's most innovative, efficient, affordable and sustainable IoT based Advanced Telematics and Fleet Management Solution for over the road commercial trucking fleets of all sizes.

The CrewAccount solution is built on Microsoft's Azure platform with Azure Active Directory, providing you with a single sign on system to Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products and services.

We Are Innovative
We Develop and Transform
We Are Trade Experts
We Are Innovative

We use innovative approaches to simplify complex technologies in providing a 365 end to end real time view of companies over the road commercial trucking operations. We are singularly focused on providing a transformative IoT fleet management solution to materially improve operational efficiencies and profitability. Our professionals work to provide the best services to our clients, partners and investors. They all have years of professional experience and high expertise in the commercial over the road trucking industry.

We Develop and Transform
We Are Trade Experts


Tractor/Power Unit monitored data points


Nationwide Connectivity


Days of end to end operational visibility


Years of Industry Experience


The CrewAccount Solution is Scalable

Small Fleets

1 - 20 Trucks

Medium Size Fleets

21 - 250 Trucks

Large Enterprise Fleets

> 250 Trucks

Azure IoT Suite Platform Partner

allows us to securely connect, monitor and manage one or mllions of connected trucks.


4G Wireless Partner

provides us with one of the nation's largest and most reliable networks for always on connected trucks.

IoT Device & Tablet ELD Chipsets Partner

Provides us with underlying edge computing power necessary to support demanding environments for trucking operations.

4G Wireless Partner

provides us with one of the nation's largest and most reliable networks for always on connected trucks.


What Clients Say about Us

Devon - Owner Operator


Dee & Sons Trucking


“We are small fleet of 3 trucks and with the ELD requirements, we were looking for a solution that would deliver ELD functions, but also provide additional operational functions to allow us to concentrate on keeping our trucks on the road profitably. We are attracted to the CrewAccount solution because we believe it has the potential to deliver accordingly”

Mike Williams


Oak`s Inc


“As a medium sized fleet with approximately 100 trucks on the road traveling across the country we were looking for an affordable fleet management solution that delivers value. When we learned of the CrewAccount solution we became immediately attracted to it because of the end to end approach it promises to deliver.”

Jeoffrey Daniels


MarkeIn Company


“The fact that the CrewAccount solution is built on Microsoft's Azure platform and provides a single sign on process to all of Microsoft enterprise products and services is a very attractive value proposition to us as a large fleet of over 1,000 trucks.” The end to end solution and real time visibility into our trucks across the country with the granular remote monitoring and Azure IoT time series charts is second to no other solution currently on the market.


Meet Our Team of Experts

Dr. Michael Treasure

Founder & CEO


The founder and technologist and one of the early pioneers in the connected vehicle space. Michael is an expert in the transportation space with patents in the industry. He also founded and leads Zyleck Technologies, Inc a transport network company and provder of the Zypps (formerly Lymousine) TNC model.

Don Harroll

Chief Business Development Officer

Don is an industry veteran in the automation and transportation space. Don has worked for global fortune 500 companies at the senior business develooment levels and has been involved in many startups with succesfull multi million dollar exists. At TIEMAC Don is responsible for business growth and development.

Keith Dixon

Chief Customer Relationship Officer

Keith comes from the consulting world where he has held leadership positions at global consulting firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Siebel/Oracle where he successfully established and led revenue-generating global consulting practices.  Keith brings a wealth of experience in building customer relaationships.

Alex Maslennikov

Chief Technololgy Officer


Alex brings to TIEMAC more than 20 years of experience in application development and project management. He has expertise in security & compliance, telecommunications, and the automotive industry. Alex has worked with large corporations like Microsoft, Lime Light Networks as well as small startups at the different investment rounds 

We would love to talk with you

Are you looking to upgrade your legacy AOBRD with an IoT device that provides ELD compliance, HOS, and a fullly integrated telematics and fleet management system?

  • Power Unit Remote Monitoring
  • Trailer Unit Remote Monitoring
  • Integrated Fleet Management System
  • Office 365 & Dynamics intergrated with Fleet Management Solution


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Technology company in the commercial trucking sector focused on providing today tomorrow's IoT based advanced telematics and fleet management solutions to improve profitabiility through  increased efficiencies. 

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